Jasper Verdite of Tor

Jasper is very well educated, and in his exile with Sapphire he takes on the role of teacher to the two orphaned children of Toby's sister. His love of his family is strong, and he has a very close and deep bond with his sister.

Jasper is good with a sword, but prefers the use of his bow of yew, a tree known to ward off evil. He has a great interest in the hooded man and yearns of the time when they can meet and speak, Jasper feels they will have much to talk about. A fierce warrior and a good addition to the Specialists.
Jasper is the heir of Tor and Lord of the isle of Callanish. During the age of sleep the Dark One placed a curse on the isle of Callanish, and before he reached his coming of age he was forced to leave the island with his sister Sapphire leaving his mother alone to watch from the sacred stones. Although he is the heir of the isle, he cannot return without risking death from the curse.

Jasper is a spirit seeker, something which when revealed is of great concern to Harry. Jaspers ability to locate and talk with the dead is not a talent Harry wants to know about.

Jasper is large, he is tall and stocky, not unlike his father, with short red hair and dark green eyes. He is fast to laugh and loves nothing more than  a good fishing trip, where he will laugh and joke about his unnatural ability to always catch more fish than any. Toby is convinced he talks them on to his hook.
Jasper Artwork provided by Rin Morgan © All rights reserved HTTK Robin John Morgan 2010