Eve gave a laugh at Albanlin. "My brother, you have much wisdom, and I am honoured that you would give your gifts of fellowship and earth to these two special creations of my husband, but surely you can see that I too have helped to craft these figures, and have given them a softer and fairer look? I shall tell you my dearest brother, that into these women that hold your gifts of Fae, I have given extra charms of longer life. One shall rule from the moon, and this one shall rule and walk the earth, for I have named her Bridge, for she will be the bridge across the gap of the earth to the moon, that shall unite the peoples of the Fae. Her granddaughter shall rule as a queen of her line on this earth, and she shall be known as Gwendolyn."

     Albanlin thought for a moment, and then gave a smile to his sister as she admired her work. "Gwendolyn means White Circle, You show great wisdom, for she will be strong in the power of the White Lines."  It pleased Eve to see how quickly he had understood her.

     "The power within her may be White Line, but her power will grow when passed on, and return to her people in the circle of their future, each new queen will grow in power, for  I have seen that there will be a time of great darkness, and at that time, the powers of your Fae will be greatly needed."
Gwendolyn White Circle
1st House of Rimmer
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