Born: Hathersage August 10th 2000.

Parents: Phillip and Sandra Whitmore.

Age: (2038) 38

Hair: dark brown, usually worn in  a tight bun.

Eyes: Hazel.

Height: 5ft 7ins.

Build: Slim for her age, she is a strong hard working woman.
             Jessie Lox, is the horticultural talent behind the Lox family business. Raised as the daughter of teacher of botany and Horticulture, young Jess grew up surrounded by plants from all over the world. Her playground as a young girl was the lavishly stocked huge industrial greenhouses of her mother's private collection of imported plants.

            Her marriage to Robert Lox seemed like the perfect union as Jess erected her own greenhouses filled with cuttings off all her mother's plants on the farm plot behind the house. She grows Coffee, tea and a host of herbs and spices as well as some very nice giant palms. It was not long before Jess became a force behind the growing rotations of the Lox farm which has in many ways become the saviour of the locals who depend on the five mile farm plot for much of their food.

             Jess has a deep sense of family, her love for her husband runs deep and the love she administers all around her is deeply felt, Alice is given as much love as Robbie and Billy. Wherever she goes all the children benefit as Jess is also a fine cook, and often carries a bag of home made toffee in her pocket.

             Jess was the one who found the young battered and bruised figure of Billy on the top moor road whist heading home one night from helping Martha Benson deliver her child, She took him in saving his life and nursed him back to health, from that day on she has raised him as her own son. Jess has the unnatural talent for spotting a pregnant girl, there are very few who can hide their condition from Jess, she always responds in the same way, with a gentle loving caring approach.