Born: Loxley July 16th 2000.

Parents: Jake and Alison Loxley.

Age: (2038) 38

Hair: Short scruffy dark brown.

Eyes: Dark brown.

Height: 6ft 4ins.

Build: Large intimidating muscular frame.

             John is very much a gentle giant, and is fast to laugh and first to muck in and help in any situation, although when he does lose his temper beware. It is a rare occasion for John to feel the need to lose him temper, but when he does he is without doubt a terrifying sight. Stories are told at the markets about his youth, and those who chose to cross him.

            His daughter is the centre of his world, with his wife Beth. Be warned do not mess with them, death come swiftly on the edge of John's blade to those who chose to harm his family. He is one of the most skilled swordsmen in the area and not many will defend the blows of a man who pounds steel in his furnace for a living.

           As a young man he trained as a Blacksmith in Hathersage, later with the help of his father, he built his own forge in the old barn on the farm. John helped his father with the construction of the stockade walls by making all the nails and clamps that would hold the huge wooden posts in place. It was not long after he began working for his father, he turned his attention to the making of weapons, especially swords. Teaming up with his brother Robert they began to create a wide range in high quality weapons for sale on the local markets, and as special orders to the surrounding area.

           His prized possession is his huge silver axe. He keeps it in the back of his small tool shed just outside the barn, it is safe to say that if he reaches inside then its time to run, as the only thing that will stop him as his temper has reached rage level, is a sound slap from his wife. To date Beth is the only person ever to face John in  mad rage and stop him without being mutilated.