Born: He avoids telling.

Parents: No records.

Age: (2038) ??

Hair:  Long snow white.

Eyes: Bright green.

Height: 6ft 4ins.

Build: Tall and robust.

             Known to everyone as "Len," He is without doubt a man of great mystery within the stockade. Len is a constant topic of conversation with the Kirk sister's and also the favorite subject of Agatha Patterdale.

             With his long shoulder length snow white hair and neatly trimmed goatee, he has the look of a man around his early sixties, yet his eyes sparkle with life and are certainly more of that of a younger man. Many have tried to pry out information on his past, and failed as the wise old man side steps the questions with great skill.

             What is known about Len, is that he was once a university professor who taught science. He also has the reputation of being a very knowledgeable expert in the field of Celtic literature, it was Len who the university turned to to validate the documentation of Knox when he declared his line as that of the true heir.

             Len now spends his time traveling round as an expert in the field of herbal medicine. He certainly has a vast knowledge of the plants, and does have a surprisingly high rate of success when using them to heal every kind of complaint suffered by humans. In his quieter moment he takes on students to school in history and science, from his house (No's 10 Village Street) next door to his daughters shop.

            Robbie likes Len, a lot, but Len's eyes are a cause of concern for Robbie, as he believes that when he talks to Len, that somehow he sees and understands far more than is actually said.