The group looked on from high above, and they marvelled at the fruit of their labour. Albanlin was the strongest and he spoke as he felt the Joy deep inside the others. "Long have you all laboured here, but in this creation there is responsibility, and Now each of you must look to the future and the care of this creation."  In the time that followed it was agreed that there would be ages created to rule and guide the new Men of their earth home. That time was known as the Age of power, for all power was created and used to create the world. Then would come a time of Knowledge, where man would be educated and given a chance to rule with balance. Albanlin deemed the Age to follow as the that of Sleep, for he was the creator of time and had seen much of what would become of the world.

      It was Hearne with his wife, who then after understanding Albanlin, ruled that the time that would follow, would be to restore the balance of all things and face the power of the Merle (darkness) . It would be a time of uncertainty where everything would place their trust in the Magic and in hope, it would be known to all as the age of Dreams, which if victorious would start the Dawn of awakening. The agreement was made, and Albanlin took a part of each of their powers and spun them together into a new line of power, this he named the White Lines of Time, and he took a small figure of clay made by Hearne, and named him the new guardian to watch over it. So began the line of those who would care for and guide the world that had been created, and they would be known as the ruling council of the white lines.
HTTK Robin John Morgan ©2009-10-11