Malachite Magnetite Pilvarce

Carnac Morbihan
When Mac was old enough to understand, Una told him of his father and how he had been forced to marry another, Mac took the news of his father badly, and his loud violent temper showed for the first time as he argued with his mother. From that day onward he refused to wear the crest of Carnac and Morbihan, and adopted the crest of Lancashire his new home.
For many years the solitary dark haired figure of Mac has walked around Derwent. Isolated and very much only, Mac has grown into a large and strong quiet man. His Mother had been brought to the protection of the Castleriss by Opal, and here she raised her son alone.

Good with Horses and Cattle, Mac also used the old forge to make things for his mother chosing rather to pound hot metal, rather than talk. He made his own sword out of black steel, and it is a large heavy weapon not suited to most hands, although to the brutal power of Mac, it is perfect.

Mac tends to be prone to bouts of depression, where he will wander alone for a week before returning home with few words. Like his mother he had strong senses of evil, and has the ability to see most things clearly, even in heavy mists.