Madeleine Willow Du Luc

Carnac Morbihan
  The eldest of the three daughters of Gwendolyn, Madeleine closely resembles her mother's looks. Her eyes are a pale watery blue, and yet as you look into them, you feel there is great depths of compassion contained within them. Her golden blonde hair touches past her waste, a sure sign of the length of time she was imprisoned by the Dark One during the age of sleep.

  Her clothing is stylish and it is very apparent she is from a wealthy line. Her cloak bearing the stone circle crest of Carnac, is of the highest quality, and so are pale blue blouse and long heavy purple skirt, which to most seem sumptuous and very lavish. Her husband is Maurice Du luc a nobleman of a long French line and a very wealthy man, especially in these times of little.

Maddy carries the gift of Autumn in her line, and it is true her smiles are very rare. The power she holds is mighty, as it can absorb all of the sadness out of a being, and then she can store it, only releasing it as a weapon to drive her foe to despair and eventually death through suicide. Bone chilling as it might feel, it is very effective, but it is not her only weapon. Maddy carries her mother's white bow of ash. It is a weapon well known to those who are schooled in woodland lore, for this bow has the power to shoot magical arrows that ignite as a living flame when released from the string.

It is rumored in folklore, that having seen Merlin wield his sword, she strove to great an arrow that would burn with the flames of knowledge, whatever her reasons Gwendolyn created a mighty weapon used with immense skill by her daughter.

Much to Harry's distaste, Maddy wears a bracelet of eyes, made from the finest Onyx and set into platinum, when her fluted sleeve rolls back he averts his eyes from the solemn stare of her bracelet, and begins to quietly chant his mantra of protection.

Although she can seem to be quiet and mournful, Maddy, like her mother has a very deep and strong inner will. In times of need she can be a strong aid to have by your side, her hatred of the Dark One and the Knox line runs deep within her, Maddy has not forgotten the death of her mother or King.