Magg's Recipe Book.

                                      Good Morrow, my Darlings, As the first book is out and we all have a little cosmic time to chill out in a herbal and most vibe building way, Runestone that sweet and cosmic woman asked if I could contribute to the site. Oh, How Groovy! I mean, me and my Harry man are just thrilled to be able to help, so I thought that I would bring a very cosmic aspect of the life we live and share some of Harry's favorate dishes, to delight and create a funky feeling to your palette. (Note: These are all geuine old recipes)
Nettle Vibe Builder broth

250g young nettle tops (Very cosmic during April-June)
1 medium onion
60g butter
30g flour
30g oatmeal
600ml milk

Now Darlings, Wash the nettles cutting away the twiggy bits.

Boil the little darlings in a little water keeping the lid on the pan for 15 cosmic minutes.

Drain and mash up the nettles.

Melt the butter and fry the onion lightly.

Stir in the flour and the oatmeal and cook on a low heat.

Add the milk slowly, then the mashed nettles.

Season to taste, simmer for a short while and serve.

It is wonderful, you just feel it building your vibes as it warms your heart.
Samhain Sloe Gin (how wonderful)

Pick the berries after the first frosts, wear colourful gloves.

Prick each with a fork and half fill a bottle up with the fruit, trying not to eat them, Oh you must resist.

Add a few spoonfuls of sugar and fill the bottle with gin, Or Joe’s special. (I have to confess that my favourite bit).

Shake the bottle daily for the first week, I dance with mine its funky.

Then weekly for the next month or two. If you're strong-willed enough, leave it for another year. Otherwise drink it!

Oh how I long to be that strong, but the bottles call to me……. Hicccup…!

Funky Rose-hip syrup

Collect the hips when they have just turned red. Send your Harry man, as they have very unfunky spikes on the bushes.

Coarse mince 1kg and drop the mush into 1.7 litres of boiling water.

Bring back to the boil and allow to stand for 15 minutes. I have a Gin,

Strain through a jelly bag (this is important, as they have uncosmic irritant hairs which darlings you must filter out).

Return the residue to the pan, add 800ml of boiling water, stir and allow to stand for 10 minutes before straining as before. I have another gin.

Put all the juice into a clean saucepan and boil down to about 800ml.

Add 400g of sugar and boil for a further 5 minutes. Then pour into hot sterile bottles and seal at once. Store in a dark cool place, I use the back of Harry’s bike shed.

Woodland Elderflower Champagne

4.5 litres of water
700g sugar
7 large elderflower heads (picked at the end of a sunny day)
2 lemons
2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar

Pour the boiling water over the sugar and leave to cool.

Add the flowers, lemon juice, grated lemon zest and vinegar, and cover with a thick cloth.

Leave for 48 hours and then squeeze out the flowers and strain the mixture through a piece of muslin. I have a wonderful green tie died one.

Bottle it and leave for two to four weeks before drinking.

Plastic fizzy drink bottles are best, The first time I ever made it I blew mother’s wellies out of the cupboard.

We must all recycle sweethearts and using old things for alcohol does seem such a groovy idea, they are also unlikely to explode if the mixture becomes too gassy.
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