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We monitor the web and the media constantly to track anything involving the work of Robin John Morgan or HTTK (Heirs to the Kingdom). This page has a compiled list of articles that have been written especially for this site, or has links to other sites with information that is relevant. Click the 'read more' links.

North Manchester FM 106.6  Feb 2nd 2011. Listen to Author Robin John Morgan talk on the Sterling Silver show to David Grey and Tracy Lock for N.M.FM                                                                                                                   
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Interview with Robin for the VCP word press Blog looking at 2010 and the fourth coming book three. Published Oct 1st 2010
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New Year interview with Robin John Morgan for Violet Circle Productions Word Press page. Jan 1st 2010
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Book Buzzer introduction page, Here Robin shares a few insights into how he was reluctant at first to publish June 2009
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Interview with Robin John Morgan by Jo Lane, commissioned by VCP for this site  (A good first look at the ideas behind HTTK.) Published Aug 2009
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Robin John Profile Page on UKUnpublished site. (features Photo and basic background information) May 2009
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