Melanie Birch Rimmer/Tor

Being separated from her husband, without being able to say goodbye, when the Dark one came for her, is the pain in her heart. Knowing he searched all his life for her and the two children is bitter for her and she passes her time alone on the high rocks, sat within the circle of stones talking to him as a way of repayment. Alone in the stones it her task to try and find a way of lifting the curse, so her children can return, and her son can take his rightful place.
The slender figure of the woman with slate grey eyes walking across the moor and rocks of Callanish, has always been a topic of conversation with the the men of the highlands. In her battered straw hat with her long waist length brown hair streaming behind her in the wind, she strolls without a care, and it is beyond the comprehension of any, as to why a single women would chose to live in such a hostile place.

Melanie's gift of being able to talk to birds in one reason, and the circle of old stones is the other. To Mel the stones are her friends, where she can sit and talk to her mother in the other realm, for the stones protect her, and amplify her ability to cross into the other realm.