Born on the outskirts of Lincoln in 2008, Points was captured and forced into the black army of Mason Knox aged only 14. Unable to get away from the army camp, he learned the ways of the Cutters and then trained soldiers of the red vested dragons. His first assignment after three years of hard training was to guard the large Cathedral in Lincoln. Within a month of being stationed there he found his opening and escaped.

The strange thing about Points is that he is a very natural soldier, its just he has low tolerance for authoritarians and so taking orders from a brutal sergeant or officer was just asking too much. As a deserter he is worth more than any of the other Outlaws to Knox, who would gladly pay a good sum, just to use him as an example to the new recruits in his forces.

With thick bushy red hair and the brightest blue eyes, Points stands out from the crowd, the most difficult task he has always had is hiding in the wilds, as his hair tends to stand out on whatever background he sits in. His most redeeming quality is his ability to know which direction to travel, hence the nick name Points.

Points carries with him four compass's, and yet he never uses them, like a homing pigeon he just simply knows where north always is, something the others attribute to his copper hair, they all say its magnetized and he just follows the pull of his wiry locks. But the facts remain, you will never be lost with him guiding the group.

Wherever they travel, he draws the landscape in minute detail, and creates maps of every place he has visited, his collection is folded neatly in his back pack, and when Robbie meets him, he is so impressed with the detail of his maps, he asks to have several of them copied for Fuse to use back at Loxley village.
Points tens to keep himself to himself, and talks to few of the fifty strong group, he has a good rapport with Doc, Rigger, Woody and Ox, and sees them as his truest friends, it is joked about around the camp about how he watches Dove when she trains, and if the truth be known, he cares for her very deeply, although he would never tell her to her face.

Points is the least violent of the group, he can use a knife with great skill, but prefers to use it skinning the rabbits for the pot, he volunteers for lookout more than the others, as this keeps him furthest from the action, although if necessary he will fight and knows how to use his weapons with skill. Points tends to be one of the best hunters, and he always returns with enough kills to feed all of the group. Once it is set to cook, he pulls out his pencils, sharpens them up, and then sits quietly by the fire drawing more maps of his surroundings.

His private joy is drawing, and deep inside his pack there are many pictures of plants and animals, and a very detailed collection of pictures of Dove, which is another reason why he will not allow anyone to go in pack for a map.