Robin John Morgan's Rise of the Raven
Avalon is under construction, as the White Lord Albanlin steps in to settle the dispute between Queen Bridget Violet of the Fae of Earth, and the Queen of the Fae Ofmoon. The First Realm is placed into the care of Rhiannon, and as work begins, Bridget Violet turns to the daughter of her greatest friend and Mystic Enaria, and asks Ariel, who she has raised as her daughter after her motherís tragic death, to head to the newly renamed Avalon, as the Ambassador for the Fae of Earth.

It is Arielís job to uncover the truth of Bridgetís suspicions, and as she is lodged with Branna, an outspoken member of the Fae Ofmoon, who is studying the night sky, Ariel finds herself caught in a political trap of power. Queen Bridget is suffering night terrors, and the young Princess Gwendolyn is becoming more alarmed, as an uneasy union between the two Fae aides Rhiannon, who is growing more powerful 

In what seems like a moment of innocence, no one truly understands the turn of fate for everyone, as Ariel returns to Florae to make her report, and Branna decides to leave Avalon. The following events, will eventually lead to heart break, an unbreakable pact, and the destruction of the modern world, and the start of a search, for the heirs to the kingdom.

A captivating, twisting tale with some unexpected surprises, and a must read for all Heirs to the Kingdom readers from Robin John Morgan, author of Heirs to the Kingdom and The Curio Chronicles.

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