Mark Swain was born in Doncaster in 2017. He is tall at 6ft 6 inches and stocky to match, with a long golden pony tail that swings behind his back. Rigger is a very powerful man who believes everything will respond to brute force and to date he has not been proven wrong.

   Rigger is the trapper in the group. He is a very skilled hunter who can rig any sort of bear trap of trip wire. Rigger is very efficient at snaring men in black vests. His knick name came about not because of his skill with traps, it was given to him, because he has a very special talent for blowing things up. Rigger can cut you a section of floor out with absolute precision, and drop it right at your feet if required. There is nothing he does not know about explosives, and is very efficient at making his own when the need arises.

He is immensely strong and uses brute force most of the time to kill or maim. His hands are large and hard as wood, a punch from Rigger will snap most men's necks, and if that does not work he will lift you and throw you like a stick.

Rigger says very little, but when he makes a suggestion it can be quite a revelation, he is obviously a deep thinker. He is very polite and considerate to women, accept Dove who he understands more than the most as she is his younger sister and he treats her as an equal. Dove and he are very close and they work always together as a very efficient team.

Rigger was outlawed with his sister, when the town Marshals demanded his father pay them for protection, he refused and whilst Rigger and Dove were out hunting the Marshals killed their parents and burned down their home.
             Rigger and Dove returned that night and repaid the Marshals by blowing up their office while they all sat having tea. Rigger called them to the windows before dropping the plunger so that they would all know they were going to die. One man lived and reported them to Mason Knox, a large unit of soldiers was dispatched to hunt them down, but they were killed when a hillside collapsed on to them. Rigger was finally caught with his sister when they robbed a supply cart and got drunk, they were tied up as they slept and later woke in prison next to OX.

             Ox and Rigger smashed their way out of the prison and became good friends, it was shortly afterwards that they headed south and met up with the others who were to become the group known as the Outlaws.