Born: Loxley 14th April 2021.

Parents: Robert and Jessica Lox.

Age: (2038) 17

Hair: Long shaggy dark brown.

Eyes: Dark brown.

Height: 5ft 8ins.

Build: Average to stocky.
                 Robbie is very much a simple living, easy going kind of person on the surface, but deep down inside he is a young man with many layers.If you walk for a while in his shoes, you soon realize that his love of the wild and the trees that surround him, is everything. For him a happy day is spent out under the trees and using his bow to hunt, walking the pathways of the ancient woodland around his home as he tracks the animals that live there, is when he truly is at peace with himself.

                Life on the vast farm estate is busy, and like everyone in the community, he has his role to play, as he studies Botany and works with his father in the running of the farm. Even though he is aware that he will grow up to run the farm one day, he also harbors a deep desire to see further than the high wooden walls of his home.

                 Away from the day to day work, his mind tends to move often towards the girl who lives just a quarter of a mile down the lane in front of his house. Runestone moved into the small village when Robbie was only six years old, and yet his first encounter stirred something deep within him, and his thoughts have often been directed towards her, as well as his eyes.

               Robbie can show great bravery and confidence, yet when it comes to the bright blue eyes and shining red hair of Runestone, his stomach twists into panic, and he slowly unravels with nerves. Even though it is his dream to be able to be with her, at times it appears it will never be, as he constantly makes a fool of himself as he fumbles his words and becomes clumsy.

               Robbie has all the signs of growing to be like his father. He can at times exhibit great leadership, and he has the strength and power to be able to stand his own in a fight, he has a sense for planning, which can only attributed to his teaching from his mother, who helps organize the farm with meticulous planning. Robbie's weakness if any, can be long moments of self doubt which do surface when he feels out of his depth. He tries very hard to overcome this, and often when talking and seeking advice, he can come across as being a very intelligent and fair person who has no qualms about asking for the advice and input of others.

             He is proud to be a woodsman, for him there is nothing more worthy. Robbie's greatest quality is that he is without doubt a simple woodsman. He is not afraid to speak his mind and listen to others, qualities that will be very important to his future.