Born: Loxley February 6th 1997.

Parents: Jake and Alison Loxley

Age: (2038) 41

Hair: Long dark brown. (usually in ponytail)

Eyes: Dark brown.

Height: 6ft 2ins.

Build: Heavy and Muscular.
             Robert Lox is the leader of the community within the stockade, and the man everyone turns to in need. Eldest of three brothers he inherited the mantle of his father and controls the daily life around the Lox Farm Estate and the community.
              The tall muscular frame of the trained carpenter is in itself a dominating image as many fear to cross a man of such a powerful frame, yet in person nothing could be further from the truth. This is a man who has no taste for killing and wherever possible in his past he has tried to spare the lives of those who cross him.

              The highly respected figure, is a fair and decent man, noted for his huge love of his family, especially Robbie who he hold a fierce pride for. He has a huge heart and is never slow to aid those who need protection, like his father Robert has helped many families escape the evil of the Cutters and given them protection within the stockade.

                His preferred weapon of choice is the Bow, although it is best not to step into the path of his sword. He is noted as the finest shot in the north, for his pin point accuracy, although there is great debate as to whether or not his son is a much bigger talent?