Sapphire Turquoise of Tor

Sapphire was a small baby when she was taken into the age of sleep, and she has memory of her father, who she is told loved her deeply. It is a source of pain that she unlike her brother can remember nothing, and she has spent much of her time forcing Jasper to give her every scrap of information he can remember. Sapphire has a soft and loving side, something that is very obvious around the children she helps her brother to teach. She often turns to tears as she misses her mother, who she fears for alone on the isle of Callanish.

Although she can appear as being timid, she does have strong determination, and when she sets her mind to it, she can show immense bravery and do acts of great valour deep down inside she dreams of the hooded man and falling in love, something that will lead her to heartache.
Sapphire was destined to be Runes counterpart and the centre of the circle of Knowledge. When she was born, although she did contain a great deal of Gwendolyn's powers, Leenard knew she would be strong enough to control the force as the circles centre, It was a question unanswered across the span of the Age of sleep until the birth of Runestone, when it was realised that Runestone would centre both circles. It came at the time as a huge dissapointment to Sapphire.

Sapphire has very much a look of Rune, she shares the same intense blue eyes, and has long auburn hair, with a pale complexion, there is a look of the Fae about her, and although she is blessed with great power, Sapphire tends to shy away from using it, as she also fears it.