Tiny is not sure what his real name is, the fact of the matter is that he is not very bright, and has spent so much of his life being called Tiny, that he can not remember being called anything else. Physically he he looks about about 30 to 35,  but no one can be very sure.

Tiny is a large individual, he is as strong as ten bears and with his dark greasy hair and hands the size of shovels, he is very intimidating to look at. The truth is that he would not survive long without the group who all feel a strong sense of responsibility for him.

Tiny can not really make his own decisions, as his mind is still very much that of a child, he will happily watch the squirrels chase acorns across the floor, and sit amongst the garlic flowers thinking they are pretty. He rarely gets to meet children, but when he does he will sit right down and play with them, without thinking anything of it.

He is very protective of Dove, who he sees as a lovely lady, and becomes especially fond of Louisa when she joins the group. His hero is Ox and he will do anything that Ox tells him. He has little concept of right and wrong, but he understands that the Cutters hurt children and women, and so when Ox instructs him to, he will walk right up to them, and with his bare hands, he will as he puts it, "bend them a little." This involves him lifting them off the ground and smashing them down across his shoulders snapping their spines.

It takes a long time for Tiny to get angry, he can take a huge amount of abuse, but when the moment arrives, you are better off being as far away as possible from him, as he will tear anything in front of him apart, including you.