Citrine Chalcedony Du Luc

Carnac Morbihan
Known to all as 'Treen,' This stunning young woman with soft brown eyes and long flowing blonde hair, has Jade alert from the moment they meet.

Treen is without doubt her father's daughter, she idolizes the man who she has seen fight for the survival of his people. Treen is French and very proud of it, so much so she avoided most of her English lessons as a young girl chosing only to speak her native tongue. Now she is in England, her broken English is sometimes a problem for those who listen to her. There are many old phases spoken by her mother, that Treen seems to jumble up as she retorts them, much to the amusment of those around her.
From the circle of knowledge, Treen's gift in the control of the mind. Look her in the eyes, and as they glow with a faint orange light, she will lock into your thoughts and control your mind to a point where you would attack your friends or kill yourself, she may even attempt to steal your boyfriend, or at least that is Jade's concern. It is a powerful gift, and she can bring great aid to those who need to know the truth, by reading the mind of others.

Like her sister Alley, she can be very mischievous, although with the quietness inherited from her mother, most of the time it is unexpected of her. When her humour rises and she cracks her jokes, most people around her soon smile and warm very quickly towards her. She is talented with a bow, but her best weapon is her ability to learn fast and plan. Treen is very tactical, a quality admired by both Scarlet and Lord Brandon.