Una Holly Rimmer/Pilvarce

Carnac Morbihan
Una is unity, and defence against the darkness. Her snow white hair which falls in a plait like rope down her back, and the deep violet of her eyes, are charactistics well noted within the people of the Fae.

Una can sense and surround the forces of darkness and form a barrier of protection. Against a pure form of evil such as the Merle, she still has more power than most, but linked to a powerful sorcerer, she can prove to be a huge asset.

Una has only one son, Mac. He was born of the right and noble knight Kane Pilvarce, who was married by the arrangement of court, and he had against his will to leave Una with child, she vowed from that day, even though she had been predicted to have two children, never to love any other man than that of Kane. It was a hard choice that woried her mother Gwendolyn a great deal.
When the Dark One struck, taking her sisters unaware into the age of sleep, Una had been the one to fight her alone, She protected her wounded mother and nursed the dying Eleanor in her final hours, before the Dark One managed to over come her. Throughout the age of Sleep in a lost place held captive in time, Una resisted and finally she broke free and, with the aid of Opal they managed to free the barely alive Gwendolyn. In the final moments of her life in this realm, Una chose to use the life set aside for another child to save her mother and bring her back from the edge of death. The life for a life trade was on Gwendolyn found hard to accept, and her and Una became estranged because of it.

    Una's most sacred possession is her long Holly pole, which was cut for her by the one true king when she fell as a young maiden and sprained her ankle, she is fierce in combat with it, and immensely skilled, something that delights little Ruby.