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Heirs to the Kingdom : Book Two
The Lost Sword of Carnac
Revised edition 2014

Robin John Morgan
     Having accepted his destiny, and left Loxley to prevent Mason Knox from stealing the crown of England, Robbie has to decided his next move. His brother Billy is now his enemy, and the true fight for the woodland realm has begun.
Mason Knox has been stopped, but not defeated. Robbie and his group must return to Loxley in preparation for the backlash of the forces of those bearing the red dragon. A dark force is rising in the north, and soon they will face some of their greatest challenges, as Knox retaliates with brutal force, and events spiral out of control.
With Rune, he must prepare to seek the lost sword, with no idea of where to begin looking.
The pressure rises and the tension builds, as Rune’s new powers appear to drain her strength, as she senses other powers moving towards them.
Who is the owner of the Sword of Knowledge? Where is the lost sword of honour, and who will wield it? The silent stones guard the answers, as Loxley becomes the focus of everything. Many answers lie hidden under the veil of the coming of the age of dreams, and Robbie has yet to find them. 
This is the second part of the series ‘Heirs to the kingdom,’ and a superb companion to book one. The story really begins, and from page one, it twists and turns with excitement, magic, and adventure. Filled with humour and some gripping moments, this is a wonderful follow up to the Bowman of Loxley.
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ISBN 978-1-910299-01-2
Cover illustrations- "The Head of the Wolf" by Jacy M Bailey, all other artwork Robin John Morgan © Robin John Morgan Heirs to the Kingdom 2014 all rights reserved
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