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Heirs to the Kingdom : Book Three
The Darkness of Dunnottar
Revised Edition 2014

Robin John Morgan
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ISBN 978-1-910299-02-9
     When Mason Knox arrived on the shores of Scotland, just below Stonehaven, he was seen as a hero and saviour, as his men unloaded food and building materials. Twenty six years later, it has become a very different story.
     Those who lived a woodsman’s life have been forced into slave labour, under the industry of Knox’s expanding of his concrete and stone empire. Rose Mackintosh and Sinclair Forbes, are two of the Scottish resistance for the woodland people, fighting a desperate battle to survive and protect their way of life.
     Both of them fear the large castle of black stone that has appeared off the headland almost over night. Its tower is the shape of large raven, which faces the shore and terrifies all who see it. Deep inside the dark brooding castle, the Dark One has Leenard imprisoned, and with her vile first-born son returned, she seeks to destroy the woodland realm, and especially Robbie and Runestone.
     It is time for Lord Loxley to extend his arm and bring aid to those in most need, the moment has arrived for Runestone to use all that she has learned, and help Robbie face his darkest task to date. Accompanied by his Specialists, they will all face their deepest fears as they enter the castle on Dunnottar Island and confront the evil that awaits them.
     Part three of this adventure, fantasy series Heirs to the kingdom will take you into a darker and more gripping adventure, as this captivating story takes yet more twists in another unexpected direction.
Cover Illustrations by "The Head of the Wolf" by Jacey M Bailey, all other Artwork Robin John Morgan © 2014 Robin John Morgan Heirs to the Kingdom all rights reserved
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