Robbie has completed his task, the heirs have been found, the young king discovered, and the Sceptre has been lifted from the mirrored water. All is not well and after the hardest fight of their lives, the Specialists are separated and in very bad shape. The queen of the Fae Ofmoon has her seat, but she must wait for the full cycle of the moon before she truly has control of the realm. The Dark One has been interrupted but not defeated as Runestone lies beaten by the Star of the Merle. Time is ticking away until Amethyst can rebuild the realm, and darker forces are already at work, as the race to claim the realm continues.

There are many questions and so little time for answers, as the pressure explodes and the fight is back on fuelled by desperation, as this gripping tale hurtles towards a climax, in what is the best part of this adventure to date
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Heirs to the Kingdom : Book Six
Last Arrow of the Woodland Realm

Robin John Morgan
ISBN 978-1-910299-07-4