Time is running out, Loxley has been surrounded, and the stranger Ena knew the truth. She had named Morgan ‘Berengar’, but what did that mean?

The simple truth was, like a phantom she had arisen out of the tales of yesteryear, and her past was hidden behind the darkness of her deeds. Together, with Runestone at his side, Robbie has to find out what lies in the heritage of Morgan, together they must discover her secrets, and use them with force to defeat all of her devious and despicable family.

It was time to lift the circle of darkness and look to the start of all things, and no one was sure as to what they would find and face. Heirs to the Kingdom Book Eight will reveal all and come to its final gripping conclusion as everything comes full circle, and the answers to everything will be revealed.

The Circle of Darkness will take you back to the start of all things, as the Author reveals the heart of the darkness that has plagued the lives of the woodland people, and then as the full truth of the past is revealed, bring the story full circle, to guide you into the thrilling close of this adventure.

[Published Works]
Heirs to the Kingdom : Book Eight
The Circle of Darkness

Robin John Morgan
ISBN 978-1-910299-26-5
There are answers lost in the darkness of the past
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Heirs to the Kingdom Book Eight : The Circle of Darkness
The Final Instalment of the series to bring everything full circle with a twist.

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