The Curio Chronicles Part Four.

Abigail's Wedding
Body and Sex Positive fictional stories taken from modern culture.
    It has been ten years since her crazy summer adventure in the guest house with Birch and the gang, and as Abby approaches her 29th year, her life has changed in ways she never thought possible.

She is a massively successful writer, and the time has come for more changes in her life, as she contemplates marriage, and settling down into a more stable and responsible life. Is it time to step up, face her fears, and finally make a bold move into village life?

With chaos behind them, Birch starts to match her mother and step into public life, and she is taking the Curio’s along with her, as she champions the outcasts, and drives her career forward, putting all the Curio’s under the spotlight.

The Curio’s return in what is the most hilarious book to date, as the real beauty and depths rise to the surface, and highlight the true power of this amazing and compassionate group of people. Prepare to see the true nature of a Curio, and be embraced by the wonder of their hidden abilities, in what is the most thrilling, side splitting, and beautiful story of the Curio’s so far.

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