By Robin John Morgan
Abigail's Summer, by Robin John Morgan,
ISBN: 978-1-910299-27-2

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The Curio Chronicles
Body and Sex Positive fictional stories taken from modern culture.

As the author of this series, I get asked what this series is about, after all, I have gained a reputation for a series of dystopian, post apocalyptic fantasy books with HTTK.

The Curio Chronicles is none of those, it is modern, and set in the current day, and to answer the question I always question, the label that applies to my work, because in truth, I see myself as simply a writer about life. I tell the story of the life of those who I feature in my books, regardless of what others label me as.

The Curio Chronicles are the story of Abigail Jennifer Watsonís life. It is her story of her struggles, her love, and her fight to understand herself, as she stumbles through life, trying to get over all those obstacles, or bumps in the road. The whole series, is her tale, as she shares her life with friends, and it Chronicles her story of self discovery, all whilst struggling to make it as a writer of gothic horror, a genre considered worked to death. and meaningless to the commercial book industry.

The story is witty and funny, and sexually suggestive, as she faces her own desires, and witnesses the desires of others. Abby has to look deeply at who she is and ask the question, is this really who I am, or am I capable of being more, and overcome her self doubt, and insecurities, to live as the person she wants to be, and all whilst witnessing the behaviour of her family, and people she has grown up around in the village.

As she ages, Abby starts to understand that her childish notions of her younger self, do not fit with the actual reality of village life, and discovers that everything she had perceived she would become are actually naÔve, as life is much harder and crueller, and it turns her world upside down.

Abigailís story looks at some of the realities of modern life, and questions perceptions, and attitudes to modern life, as she starts to doubt herself, when she faces the harsh reality of shamming. Her story is far more than just a book of one linerís, inuendo, and sexual interactions, as she makes the distinction between how males and females are treated for their lifestyle, and through it learns some harsh truths about the fake morality and attitude of others.

At its heart, it a story of a life, that spans the whole series, as Abby grows up, and faces herself, and the decisions and perceptions of her family, and her youth. She has the choice of living the same life as her mother, or facing the truth of her own life, and the lives others live, and making choices, that go against the social norms of her village life. Standing up for what you believe in, is not an easy task, and it can lead to conflict, as others less capable shun you and ridicule you, but with determination and time, it can be rewarding and gain you some acceptance, even if you have to constantly fight for it.

As the author, I think it is a deeply beautiful story of Abby and her friends, that highlights the bonds they share, the love they hold, and the wonder of those whose lives they touch. This series as a whole shows the story of a life lived, its ups and downs, and the joy to be had, even when it gets dark and bleak.

Abigailís Summer is just the start, and a great foundation from which to build from, as Abby sets out aged nineteen to understand herself, and what lies ahead, and with each book starting later in her life, the reader gets to travel, through her life of crisis after crisis, with her bonkers best friend Birch. There is a very serious side to this story, and it is such a rich and beautiful one, and I hope every reader will revel in the wonder of these amazing characters Abigail and Jemima. Aka: Deadly and Birch.

(Robin John Morgan 2020)
Abigail's Summer
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