Abigail's Summer, by Robin John Morgan,
ISBN: 978-1-910299-27-2

This is not what you would expect from RJM after reading HTTK, It is a complete opposite, it is funny, challenging, irreverent, but also very insightful, as traditional outdated values clash with young modern liberated idealism, as the mask of how things look, is well and truly torn off, to expose the hypocrisy of those in power, who hide behind the façade of country fairs, cream teas, and the right etiquette, of country life.
Blonde haired, blue eyed, Abigail Watson, was a shining example of rural youth life. University was over, after a year away it was time to come home for the summer, and suddenly that was a problem. Abigail had changed.

In the perfect picturesque village of Wotton Dursley, where nothing ever change’s, repression is the sociably accepted norm, gossip is rife and how things look is of the greatest importance. Two cultures were about to collide, as young idealism meets entrenched rural views, and with her best friend Birch, a crazy wild, liberated wiccan naturist, training in sexual psychology, in tow, it could only spell chaos.

This is a powerful and thought proving read, which is irreverent and hysterical at times, coming of age and slice of life story. A no frills, modern, contemporary look at life today, through the eyes of young nineteen year olds, living their life on their own terms.

Based on his life observations, and experiences, in supportive friendships, this is brilliantly funny, thought provoking, and at times a little shocking.

A must read book, from Robin John Morgan, author of Heirs to the Kingdom. 

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