Curio's Christmas, by Robin John Morgan,
ISBN: 978-1-910299-38-8

This is not what you would expect from RJM after reading HTTK, It is a complete opposite, it is funny, challenging, irreverent, but also very insightful, as traditional outdated values clash with young modern liberated idealism, as the mask of how things look, is well and truly torn off, to expose the hypocrisy of those in power, who hide behind the façade of country fairs, cream teas, and the right etiquette, of country life. This is the third book in the series that follows the life of Abigail Jennifer Watson, a struggling writer of gothic fiction, surrounded by her wild, modern and very liberated friends.
Christmas is coming, and normally, all the Curio’s are spread out, but this year, Roni and Will have decided to head to the Bahamas with Bradley and Ellen, Jimmy is on tour, and Edwin is unhappy with Abigail, so they are stuck at home. There is no other option, and it’s decided, it is time for a full on Curio Christmas, which means, Shopping.

Birch has no understanding of Christmas, because it belongs to the bell twats, and so Abby is determined to make it the best Christmas ever… Let the madness begin. Pooling their resources, they decorate the house, buy a tree and prepare to party, that is, until the press start with their attacks, and imply, someone inside the house has been sharing their secrets.

As Abby fights to pull off the perfect Christmas, problem after problem occurs, building up to a final collision of chaos that leaves the whole village reeling in the aftermath of splintered loyalties.

Creating a fast and exciting series of events that leave the reader gasping, Robin John Morgan raises the stakes again, in what is a brilliantly fast paced, witty, and emotional third tale of the Curio’s journey through life on Waterside Lane in Wotton Dursley.

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Body and Sex Positive fictional stories taken from modern culture.
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