Coming in 2022.  The Curio Chronicles Book Two. Curio's Summer.
We are delighted to inform you, that part two of the Curio Chronicles,  Curio's Summer, by Robin John Morgan, is now available to download from all app stores. The Printed copy will start to appear by April 14th 2022, as it works it's way onto the system, to follow on the heels of the very well received Abigail's Summer.

Five years have passed, and all of the Curio’s have finished College and University. Like seeds, they have all been scattered to the winds, following their dreams and careers, leaving Abigail, alone, afraid, and victimised. She is living in the guest house, which she has turned into a writers' retreat, and is avoiding the village of Wotton Dursley.

There are signs that their summer had brought some changes, but opinion was still very much controlled by Marjorie, who is adamant, the likes of Birch, will never disgrace the village again. Abigail, has slipped into a spiralling depression, and she is heartbroken, as she realises, she has lost Birch forever.

All of the Curio’s are suffering, spread apart, and struggling to cope, as life is harder than they ever thought it would be, and all of them are praying for a miracle.

When everything feels like it has reached its darkest hour, their miracle arrives unexpectedly, in a blur of lilac. Wotton is about to get crazier than it ever thought possible, as the war for the village intensifies, and spirals out of control.

Beware, the Curio’s are coming, in far more ways than one…!

The Curio Chronicles craziness continue, in Part Two, Curio’s Summer, a brilliant follow up to Abigail's Sumer, by Robin John Morgan.
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