Violet Isle
The Queen of the Fae on Earth Home
   Greetings, seeker of knowledge and the truth. I am the white circle, born of the line of Bridge and queen of all Fae on this land known as Earth home.

   You have done well to find this place. Know that in the time of the first king of this realm and the time of Uther, I made my vow to the great wizard and served the realm of men to aid them in the bringing of peace.

I was beside the young Arthur as he was taken under the shelter of Merlin, and it was in that time, that I gazed into the mirrored waters and saw many things that would pass in this land. Much has been hidden until the age of dreams begins, and the search for the lost sword is undertaken, for I saw the dark clouds that would fester in the nest of the Raven, and have prepared much to aid the coming of the bowman.
If knowledge is your quest, seek out the prophecies made in the time before many were tricked and taken into the frozen state of the realm of sleep, for it is between the lines of each of these, will the answers to the heirs and lost sword be found.

Bring aid to the bowman and my family, for they are the circle of knowledge and can bring great gifts to the table of life, be thorough in thy search and join with the green realm, to aid the one who bears the red stone that all shall be written upon, for her task will be hard for one so young.

Look to the darkness in the north and bar the way, seek out the hidden, and learn to work on many levels, for all that is written can serve many purposes. Go in peace and know that the magic of the people of Fae is with you and will protect you. Travel in peace under the veil and serve your quest for knowledge.
Look to the red star of Carnac for hope.
The Last Queen of the Fae