In 2006 as Robin began to sort his notes, he came across several sketches of what he had imagined the Loxley Farm Estate would look like in the year of 2038. As he began to write he realized that one of the best working aids would actually be to draw the map, and today we are thrilled that we can display the map as drawn by Robin to aid his work as he travelled around Loxley. The map still hangs on the wall in his office where he writes the HTTK series, and we have been able to get access and take a few snaps for all of you to see. Robin did ask us to point out that the map is not to scale, but he does plan to create one which may be available at some point as a poster.
The initial map of Loxley 2038 property of Robin John Morgan © 2006
Hearnes Rock
Robbie's Mere
The Sacred Oak
Rabbit hunt
The Escarpment
Joe's Cabin
The Main Gate
Loxley Village
The Village Hall
Loxley Range
The Market ground
The Plans for new housing
Lox Farm House
Jessie's Orchard
Harry's House

Loxley Postal Service

Robbie's Archery range

Badgers Bank

The Old Stone Circle

Click thumbnail to see the colour coded larger version of the map
Loxley Map colour

Loxley Map colour

This for myself writing the HTTK story has become one of the most important tools I use. It is framed above the desk as I sit and check that everything in the story fits well to land of the Loxley Stockade, and it has become a place I know so well, it feels at times like it really exists and I could leave home to travel there, although in my mind I do, as I walk there everyday with my friends and help them in their struggle to save the Green Realm. JK Rowling said of her work as the final books came to an end "Hogworts will always be there if you need it." and for myself and hopefully others, Loxley will become a land many will walk and share in the delights I have experienced.