When writing Heirs to the kingdom, Robin looked at a great deal of the smaller details to the book, which in many case's most of us would not consider. A wonderful example of some of the many layers he created, is in the naming of his lead characters. Robin spent a great deal of time looking into the deep meanings of each of the names, before he used them, and below we have complied a list of some of those he used. Maybe your name is amongst them, enjoy having a look to see.
AGATHA : Good and honorable

ALEXANDRITE : Regenerative power balances emotional and mental forces

ALICE : Refined and intelligent

ALISON : Knowledge and kindness

AMETHYST : Known to bestow stability, strength and peace. It is a powerful healing gem. It is a symbol of sincerity.

AMBER : Known to clear negativity and for healing, soothing and harmonizing, can exert great positive influence

ANGUS : One choice

ANTHONY : Flower

ARTHUR : Truth

BIRCH : Mother, goodness

BOBBY : Bright

BRANDON : Honour

CHALCEDONY : Brings tranquility

CITRINE : Simulates mental force and endurance

CRYSTAL : Transmits heat yet remains cool. Cancels out negative energy. Can destroy black magic and spells, improves clairvoyants and healers abilities.

DANA : Celtic goddess of fertility.

DIAMOND : The symbol of royal power. Promotes love and harmony and can dispel anger. It is symbol of brilliance and durability, is the perfect object to transfer light.

ELIZABETH : Oath of God cheer of spirit

ERIC : Fair rule

EXCALIBUR : The sword of power returned to the lake

FAE ; Fairy (the people of Fae = Fairies and Fellowship And Earth.)

FILOMENA : Daughter of light

GWENDOLYN : White circle (The fairy queen Arthur fell in love with-married Merlin.

GREGORY : Watchful

GWINNE : Fair blessed and happy

GWYNFOR : White and good

HALBERT : Bright stone

HARMONY : Favored by God, well loved

HARRY : Worthy in battle

HAROLD : Ruler of armies

HEARNE : Traditional Celtic spelling of the green god.

HILDA : Battle maid

HOLLY : Protect from evil

IONA : Violet Stone. Also an island off the Scottish coast

IGRAINE : Mother of King Arthur

ISOLDE : The fair One


JADE : Known for courage, justice, and wisdom. Brings good luck in games of chance, and is sometimes known as the stone of friendship

JAMES : The Fisherman

JARROD : Servant

JASPER : Mystical properties, symbol of rebirth

JESSICA : Gift of love.

JETT : Seen as the stone of sorrow, yet mixed with the property of amber it can have reverse effects and bring joy

JOHN : Gods grace to have around you

JUDITH : High wife and gracious


KIETH : Wood

KNOX : A fortress

LANCE : Land

LEE : Meadow

LILAC : A flower associated with death. The Celts believe that death was the start of rebirth and the bringer of new life.

LUCY : Child of Light

LYLE : Island

MADELEINE : from across the sea

MAGGIE : A Pearl

MAGNETITE : Hercules stone , enables to view from a distance.

MALACHITE : Facilitates advancement and change

MARTIN : Man of war, a Champion

MASON : A worker of stone

MELANIE : Dark complexioned a heroine

MICHELLE : One of the archangels the bringer of gods word (Postie)

MOONSTONE : The traveler's stone. Used as protection to traveler's and bringer of fortune, sometimes called the stone of understanding, it aids intellectual reasoning

ONYX : Alleviates grief, and promotes self control and wise decision making, is a bringer of happiness and good fortune.

OPAL : Opals can contain water the source of life. Native Americans believe opal invokes visions and it is known as the stone of happy dreams and change.

OSBORN : Celtic origin meaning Divine man

PENDRAGON : The last name of the true king

PETER : The Rock

PHILIP : Lover of horses

RAFE : Wolfe counsel

RAMSAY : Man of Huntingdon

RIMMER : Maker of circles

ROBERT : Famous and bright a leader

ROSE : Flower of beauty/ German meaning of horse.

ROWAN : Protector of homes. Power to drive away evil

RUBY : The improvement stone, it encourages gentleness and protect against distressing dreams and lightning.

RUNESTONE : The stone is usually round with the rune in the very centre, it can be seen as the wheel around which all turns, and the centre of all activity

SAPPHIRE : known as the stone of kings worn to protect them. It is thought to bring joy and peace of mind by making you more receptive to beauty and intuition.

SCARLET : Passionate heroine, the warrior

SIAN : Welsh form of Jane meaning god is gracious

SINCLAIR : No real significance, a French place name

STEPHANIE : To be heard, a giver of wisdom

SUGILITE ; A rare mineral stone in limited supply, often called the violet stone, it has the power to heal and transport spirits

THORN : A Celtic god and protector from evil

THORNSON : Hammer hand.

TOPAZA : Healer and connected to the spirits

TURQUOISE : A Protective stone that bestows goodness.

UNA : Unity

UTHER : The father of Arthur who plunged his sword in the stone

VERDITE ; links the spiritual world

VICTOR : Conqueror

VICTORIA : Victory

VIOLET : A flower to use to ease the heart, the symbol of life

WILLIAM : Helmet, Resolution.

WILLOW : Water loving and sorrowful
This list will be updated with the release of each book.
© Robin John Morgan 2007