(Gwendolyn White Circle AD 457).
  The last sword of Gawaine, held in high esteem, and hidden by the Green Lord, was named in honour of a noble knight and called Truth. Its exquisite blade was enhanced by the writings of the Green Lord himself, who carved runes of the purest light into it. The one chosen to wield it, must fight to uncover the truth, and if his quest is true, it will shine like the sun, and cast the spectrum of light all around it. Their fight will be victorious, for no one who seeks to hide the truth can stand against it in victory. The sword was marked with a silver lion, with diamonds for eyes, to show that those who sought the one true king would be marked in their quest, with one of the two symbols associated with the line of Pendragon. This sword was destined for more than one hand, Gawaine's being the first.
The sword of Gaheris served the court of Arthur, as a symbol of Justice, for it was Gaheris who intervened with Gawaine, who in temper stuck out at a cowering knight who begged for mercy, and slew by accident the begging Knights loved one. Gawaine was shamed as a knight by his brother, who on their return to court, gave a true statement of account on behalf of his brother to the King. Such was the kings respect for his words and the wisdom he showed, he named Gaheris the keeper of Justice and his sword was passed into legend. All who have owned the sword as it was passed from generation to generation, have ruled with a fair hand, and so it passed from the old Duke into the hands of the young Lord Brandon. Unaware of its power Brandon who feared his position was man enough to confront the Hooded man and apologise for his wrong behavior, and so has begun the first of many steps in dealing out fair and true justice amongst the people. This highly decorative and ornate sword brought about a change of heart that allowed the hooded man to see the truth of Brandon, and offer him the chance to recover.
  Knowledge was never used in combat, for it was made for the great wizard Merlin, by the young Opal. The sword was blessed and marked with the ancient runes, known only by Eve. Mother to Opal and wife of Hearne. It was presented to the wizard by Arthur as a gift, even though the new king knew that Merlin would never have need of it. Knowledge is a special sword, for it wields within the blade a great power of the purity of the White Lines, and contains much of the knowledge to vanquish the Merle. The sword will react to aggression by igniting the blade in the flame of knowledge, and those who suffer from ignorance, will perish or flee from its sight. Long has Scarlet the guardian of the swords considered the blade, for her task is to find its owner, and when she does, the sword must be challenged in the hand of its new owner, if the blade does not ignite the choice is wrong and the one holding it will perish.
    There were few who served the one true king braver than Tor, for he was a valiant knight. But the greatest courage he ever showed was to face his own life, lost and alone from his beloved Melanie. Long after she was taken, he searched for his two children and his wife, never once in his search that lasted a life time did he believe they were lost forever, and his courage drove him onwards in his search. His faith was repaid when on his death bed he requested he was taken home to be buried, for he knew his beloved Melanie would return to the stones she loved so much, and once again they would be reunited. Long after his death, the sword was recovered from his resting site and brought to York where a distant blood line still ran, and the sword was hidden as a treasure to the house of York. The man chosen to wield the sword was one of true honour and integrity, and was fearless in the protection of his land, Lord Phillips of York fulfilled his destiny the moment he walked into the castle of Caerleon and took Robert of Loxley by the hand, for since that day, he has been true in his fight, and shown great courage to defend those who could not defend themselves.
     Few were honoured higher than that of Lancelot. It was the honour he showed to his queen that gave him the greatest pain, for he betrayed a friend and King, and left the court filled with remorse. In the final moments of his life of repentance, he took up his sword and fought once more to repay his shame, and strive to win back his honour for Arthur. His friend and king granted him a full pardon with the last moments of his life, and Lancelot died knowing he had repaid his debut to his friend. Only when a life is ended can the true man of honour lift and wield the missing sword, and only then his own honour must be equal to that of the sword. This blade has great power to do good, and in the right hand of the man of honour, great things will be achieved.
     In all good there is some evil, and all that is evil, may work towards the cause of the good. Destruction was made by a pure and good man, and he paid for it with his life, and yet wrought deep within the blade flowed the power of the good queen of the Fae. The golden sword of immense quality was corrupted and defiled with the essence of the evil that was Mordred, and the blade turned as black as his heart. Yet hidden inside is the power of the Fae, and those who belong to that line can influence the blade, it is a small beam of hope that could connected with a blade of the same metal, and form a union that will cleanse all that stains this world with darkness.
The One true sword of power. This sword was made to bring change and unite the world of early man, and in the hand of Arthur it did. Such was the splendor and power of him, that on his death it was decreed the one sword would return with him into the lost isle and never return. 
The Sister Sword, Placed in the hand of the one who destiny has decreed will start the world anew. Destiny will prevail.
© Robin John Morgan Violet Circle/HTTK 2010