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Heirs to the Kingdom
The Curio Chronicles
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This Autumn, Heirs to the Kingdom will travel back to the start of time and visit itís very beginning.

With the weekly release of the digital formats of the HTTK series, we will take the you all until September 2021. As we look back across 15 years of writing, and as a special treat on Runestone's Birthday, the new book will be released to the world. So mark your diary for October 31st 2021, and 'The Rise of the Raven.'

Avalon is under construction, as the White Lord Albanlin steps in to settle the dispute between Queen Bridget Violet of the Fae of Earth, and the Queen of the Fae Ofmoon. Avalon is placed into the care of Rhiannon and as work begins, Bridget Violet turns to the daughter of her greatest friend and Mystic Enaria, and asks Ariel, who she has raised as her daughter after her motherís tragic death, to head to Avalon as the Ambassador for the Fae of Earth.
It is Arielís job to uncover the truth of Bridgetís suspicions, and as she is lodged with Branna, an outspoken member of the Fae Ofmoon, who is studying the night sky, Ariel finds herself caught in a political trap of power. In what seems like a moment of innocence, no one truly understands the turn of fate, and the events that will lead to the destruction of the modern world, and the start of a search, for the heirs to the kingdom.
The Rise of the Raven, coming soon to digital and print, from Robin John Morgan.

Starting August 2021, HTTK is going digital.

It is fifteen years since the very first manuscript of 'The Bowman of Loxley was written, and to celebrate the whole series is being converted into digital format, something that was not available to me at the time.

The books will come out at the rate of one a week in sequence order, so between now and October, you can relive the whole adventure once again, but this time on the go, as it will be available on all digital devices.

Just to make things more exciting, as we reach October, and Runestone's Birthday, a '
BRAND NEW BOOK' is going to be published, that will take the series far back in time to the days before Avalon, and look to the roots of Morgan le Fey, and where the darkness appeared from.
The new book, will be titled 'Rise of the Raven' and I am sure, every HTTK fan will be captivated by it, so get ready for a whole new adventure.

New for 2021.
Abigail's Summer, by Robin John Morgan.
ISBN 978-1-910299-27-2
(For more info, hit the Curio Chronicles button above)

We are delighted that a brand new series is about to be launched.
Abigail's Summer the first instalment the Curio Chronicles, will be Available from Friday June 11th 2021 from all online retailers.

This site is currently having a makeover, as Robin expands his writing into new stories, that go beyond HTTK, and enter other aspects of his writing, of which a series of modern day new adventures, will start this summer 2021, with the introduction of 'Abigail's Summer.' Part One of 'The Curio Chronicles.'

There is also a planned, 'Brand New Story,' for HTTK based on the life of Branna and Ariel from HTTK book eight.

The Author R.J.M
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