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Abigail's Wedding, Part four of the Curio Chronicles is now on sale.

The fourth book in the series is available from Nov 6th 2023 (today), and can be bought as a print version, or a download for a digital reader. Abby is ten years older at 29 years old, and she is really starting to change. The Curio's are growing up, but they still have a lot of life left in them. This is one of the funniest Curio books to date, so if you like tongue in cheek humour and some risky jokes, this is the book to read.

The Countess of Darkness, now available.

After a wait of two years, the nest book in what Robin has described as a story Arc, of three new books that are connected to Heirs to the Kingdom, is finally here. The Countess of Darkness, takes up the story of Branna and Morgana of Cornwall, and is set some time after the Rise of the Raven ends. From those who have been lucky enough to read it prior to publication, they have described it as "Brilliant, unexpected, and heartbreaking at times." The book is out and available in digital and print formats.

New book, and New Feature coming.

Robin is currently preparing the second book which is part of the Story Arc "of the Ravens of Berengar." The new book to be released soon, will feature the young life of Morgana of Cornwall, and follow her journey into darkness. The book is in production and scheduled for release in late spring 2023.

He is also busy working on a project that has been in his thoughts for some years, and is almost to finally launch the Pod Cast "Writer Life" on You Tube. The discussion based Pod cast will feature Robin's take on his own work, as well as include conversations with some of the people who have read his books. The project is an evolving thing and he hopes to be able to open up his writer world to others, and let them take a look at many aspects of his writing life. 

New for 2023

Activity has been slow coming from RJM as he really has been very busy writing. Hanís Cottage has really grabbed a lot of attention, which he is delighted about, and currently Curioís Christmas is getting noted, as the third instalment of his wild women living life their way, in a rural village over the festive season. As readers get their copies, and get on with reading, RJM has been really busy, and we have been informed, his next HTTK related story has been completed.

The Countess of Darkness, will be the next offering at some point in the future, as RJM has worked on three books that run parallel to HTTK, and all of them share one thing in common, they feature the life of Branna and Ariel. Rise of the Raven was an amazing book, and was the start of their story, with a very dark twist, and we have been informed, that this next book, will be just as epic, as he takes on the story of Morgana of Cornwall, and charts her story as she begins her journey towards becoming the Dark One.

As yet there is no date for release, apart from it will be sometime next year, and although the rough draft has only been read by one other person, his wife, she has raved about it, and given the hint, that this book is completely unpredictable. We are all excited, and cannot wait for VCP to offer us an update.

Curio's Christmas OUT NOW!

They're back! The Curio's are back and about to embark on a full scale Curio Christmas, and celebrate the festive season in style. Yep, they are back and wild as always, and as they plan the perfect Christmas as a group, everything turns in Chaos. There are new problems to face, and they have some serious consequences. A brilliant and at times deep and insightful addition to the Curio Chronicles, to bring, smiles, and with this one, a few tears. It is available now in digital and print formats.

Hans Cottage, OUT NOW!

A brand new title and yet again, something completely different is almost ready for release. Listed as a Magical, Enchanting Fantasy by VCP, this new story, will be Robin's return to fantasy writing, with a book that is being touted as a most read beautiful and captivating Fairy Story for Grownups. Get ready to grab your copy!

Han's Cottage, by Robin John Morgan, Available September 2022

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